Well the change in pay dates

was the brain child of the comptroller and she insists that NO ONE could possibly be inconvenienced by it that everyone will just need to adapt their lifestyle and attitude for just a week or so and it won’t effect anyone’s bill payments. That their pay checks are all miraculously going to go up and this will keep everyone from feeling the pinch of the new taxes. And yadda, yadda, yadda. Give me a break. If I didn’t have an accounting degree I might have fallen for her bs, but I am a numbers nerd and what you get paid an hour is what you get paid an hour and nothing is going to keep you from feeling the tax hikes. If your bills are due on the 15th and the paycheck gets moved to the 22nd it will definitely change how you have to pay your bills out of what pay check. Ds is a numbers nerd too and he said it was all he could do to keep from calling her bluff. Some of the people just set there going ohhhh, ok. Ds said they were the same ones who whip out a credit card for everything.
The owner on the other hand was hugely apologetic. He asked who all was going to have financial difficulty with it and while several muttered and carried on none but dh and ds raised their hands—during the meeting, others confided they were definitely screwed financially after it. He offered to delay the plan for a month or so and everyone, except dh and ds said that wouldn’t make a difference. It would have definitely made a difference for us. It’s called BUDGETING. But the comptroller wants nothing to do with delaying—she’s new and a bean couner. I have a feeling she won’t be with the company long because she’s pissed off a lot of folks already, and not just the flunkies.
After the meeting the owner went by dh’s desk and called ds over and apologized profusely to them personally. He said that he too was going to have problems with autodrafts and such with this short turn around that they had actually planned on doing it last Oct and decided then it was going to cause hardship and decided against it but the comptroller insisted it HAD to be done in order for her to do her job properly. He said he and his wife were going to be scrambling to get everything readjusted and he appreciated dh and ds being honest enough to admit it was going to cause a problem when no one else was brave enough to do so.
Dh told him if they had done it in Oct we would have been fine because we wouldn’t have taken the vacation and used the bonus money to pay off two bills, but now it was going to mess us up for a month or so big time. He asked dh just exactly how big a problem it was going to be. Dh told him we work on a zero based budget and that since we had previously had no warning we were going to have to come up with enough money to pay 1 ½ months of bills out of a one month pay check in order to pay our bills on time this month and in the future months. That because we use no charge cards that it was creating a bit of a problem. The owner asked how much that was and dh told him the amount. The owner offered a loan to be paid back over 3 months. Dh said he’d talk it over with me and he has to let them know first thing in the morning.

I don’t want to borrow from the company, and neither does dh. We discussed it heavily, I talked with some people off list about it and we all came to the same conclusion. Borrowing money from your employer is not a smart thing to do in more ways than one. I believe DR even preaches against it.

So our game plan is to withdraw from the retirement mutual fund—which we can do without penalty as a “loan” to ourselves. Then the payments we were going to have to make to the employer we make to a savings account instead. Then use that money to purchase me an IRA later this year. I think I’m still young enough for a roth, I’ll have to check on that. If I’m not then we’ll simply re-invest it in a non-retirement account.