Ok, so I called our broker

and I gotta say I love the way he talks directly to us instead of around and above us. That and the great way he’s handled our accounts since 1988.
I first asked him about the age limit on putting into an IRA. Answer 70 ½ so we’re covered there. If I wanted to add to an IRA this year I could and both dh and I will still be young enough after we are debt free to do so, which we probably will. Dh is having 401K taken out of his paycheck at the max they’ll match right now even though we are still on bs2 because we are so close to full retirement (about 2-3 years max) and want as big a pad in there as possible before he does retire.
Right now the planned schedule is to be totally debt free including the house by mid 2015 at the latest. Then him work until spring 2016 for us to build up our ffef and retirement fund. Hopefully by late spring 2016 we’ll be traveling a lot.
After he explained that to me I told him what had happened with the pay check. His first words were, “that is such a poor business move on their part.” I agreed, but told him it had been done and now I needed to flip our budget to match the new paydays so I was calling him for counsel. He asked how much I thought I’d need to reverse the budget. I told him and he said “no problem, you have that and plenty more.” I also told him my thought about getting an IRA later in the year to “put it back”. What he told me next really surprised me. Because of the level we are at in our age we can actually withdraw the money tax free for 60 days and as long as it is put back within the 60 days it will be as if it never left the account. How cool is that? He said if we didn’t get it in within the 60 days it would be the normal tax rate, which would be the same tax rate as taking a payroll advance. He also said that he would not recommend taking a loan from dh’s employer. He thought my plan was a far better financial move on our part.So today I’m playing with numbers AGAIN and my calendar to see how long I can go without taking the money out of the account to do what we need so we will have that many more days to adjust to the new pay schedule and to put the money back and avoid the tax hit. Even though there would be no penalty, we still have to pay taxes on it like the rest of the world.
I’m also looking at ways to try to lower that amount needed to make the 60 day return a certainty.
Dh’s paycheck finally posted and it was higher than I had budgeted for because it had an extra day of pay on it, but his ss was on there so at least I don’t have to worry about them trying to make up the difference later.
So it’s all working out like I knew it would eventually, and hey you never know it’s about review time, so maybe with the payroll “savings” the boss will up the guys salaries. (wishful thinking). LOL!