I don’t explain things well sometimes, so I hope this clears it up

It won’t be a 401K loan, first of all because it is not 401K money, it was rolled over money into an IRA years ago. Second of all it’s not a true loan in the sense of the word because we are simply withdrawing from our savings/IRA because we are old enough to withdraw without penalty or a loan to be required (dh will be 65 in Feb and I’ll be 63 on the 6th of this month). We are simply referring to it as a loan in our minds because we don’t want to spend the money willie nillie once it is all worked out. The term “loan” in this case means we are loaning ourselves money in order to flip the budget, but as soon as it all smoothes out we will be putting the money back into either a mutual fund, or if I qualify to still be able to do so an IRA so we could take a tax deduction for upping my IRA—IF we can legally do that. Got to check the laws on that.
The “making money” part is because once all the flipping of the budget is completed and smoothed out we will be paying all our interest bearing debt two weeks early each month and since the interest is figured on the average daily balance it will bring the amount of interest down a miniscule amount in the long run. Also IF we can legally do the deposit into an IRA for me with the repayment money then there might (if congress doesn’t do away with that deduction) be a tax deduction for putting the money back.