Hi everyone

So in going through a bunch of cards and bills from my parents, found out they definitely have more than 2-3 credit cards. lol. But still, they are all paid off. They are definitely of a generation and mindset that was pro cc’s. But again, there’s not debt there. Or at least I haven’t seen it yet.
I realized I didn’t frame my question entirely correctly in my previous post. My other question about paying their bills etc is that my father’s name is currently listed as the primary person. In some cases my mother’s name isn’t there at all, though she may be authorized on the account. I think that is/could be a big problem.
Last month when I helped her pay bills, I ran into a few challenges when I tried to change something because he wasn’t available to confirm the desired change.
Am I correct to think we need to put these accounts, like utilities, in HER name or at least add her? Or should I just worry about getting POA? If I understand right POA would allow me to change whatever needed to be changed, and not worry about whose name is on the account.

Advice appreciated.