I’ll step up and say something I’ve said before on this list. Sometimes it’s enough to go through the DR class to get a couple back on track financially. But sometimes DR simply reveals deeper issues between how two people (doesn’t matter the gender) work with stuff like money. I know from my own experience being married now twice, my first partner had a very simple strategy – spend it all. That marriage lasted quite a while before we finally threw in the towel because we were tired of arguing all the time. My second partner and current very-much-loved DH, has another relatively simple strategy – save it all. I’m trying to run a business where money coming in and out is like the flood of blood through the veins. It’s gotta move to be useful. So simplistic money management strategies weren’t working anymore. Tack on top of that the fact that I went through my divorce and picked up a number of “oh my gosh we might not have money tomorrow so use it today” habits, which I’m still unlearning, and you’ve got a recipe for financial mis-management on both sides that will never ever agree. Not without some stronger tools and deeper understanding of the mechanisms involved.