I wouldn’t have took

that she meant you were going to make more money like per hour or yearly, but that because your husband and son would be getting paid just twice a month instead of every 2 weeks, the paychecks will be larger every paycheck because they will be getting paid 24 times a year instead of 26 […]

Best believe….

I won’t be going through any hardships with my paycheck from my own company! And if I’m not going through any, I won’t be putting my employee’s through one either. The thought of changing paydates just scares me from an owner’s perspective. There are too many federal and state deductions I have to do and […]

Well the change in pay dates

was the brain child of the comptroller and she insists that NO ONE could possibly be inconvenienced by it that everyone will just need to adapt their lifestyle and attitude for just a week or so and it won’t effect anyone’s bill payments. That their pay checks are all miraculously going to go up and […]

Thanks for everyone’s advice.

We do have one child (7 years old). And, while we’ve put some money aside for her college, it isn’t nearly what we need to have. So, I think I’m going to start knocking down the car debt. It was a really stupid purchase and I’m mad at myself for having it. But, since all […]

I’d pay on the car.

That’s what Dave recommends to. All the bills including the car, then the build up to 3-6 months of bills in savings then the house. That being said, I’m such a security freak I’m adding to my savings a small amount each month as I snowball. So I currently have about $2,500 in savings–about one […]

What do y’all think?

Over the last few days, my hubby and I have learned that he will be getting a nice bonus at work. We also got some “surprise” money on an insurance settlement. With those two checks, we’ll be able to pay off the last of our debt with the exception of my car and our house. […]

Ok, so I called our broker

and I gotta say I love the way he talks directly to us instead of around and above us. That and the great way he’s handled our accounts since 1988. I first asked him about the age limit on putting into an IRA. Answer 70 ½ so we’re covered there. If I wanted to add […]

You all make good points.

Instead of that email that I drafted, I wrote another one where I basically ask her if we can have a new year’s resolution where we are completely honest and open with each other regarding what we are spending money on. I proposed that we write it down for each other to see and we […]

Hi Lavada,

It sounds like you two need to have some very serious conversations. You can start by emphasizing that you want to build a stable permanent future together. Have you considered pre-marriage counseling, or going through FPU together, or something? You’ve got a temporary arrangement right now and to combine for life you need to be […]

Given the types of disagreements that you are having,

I would suggest that this isn’t a single conversation about how she spends, either spoken or written. Have you considered relationship counseling? If you two want to get married, I think working out these differences now would serve you both very well. Disagreements about money are one of the top three reasons marriages split up. […]


I’ll step up and say something I’ve said before on this list. Sometimes it’s enough to go through the DR class to get a couple back on track financially. But sometimes DR simply reveals deeper issues between how two people (doesn’t matter the gender) work with stuff like money. I know from my own experience […]

My only debt

other than the mortgage (and my mom’s mortgage) is the car – and I’ve set it up so that my car will be paid off this month. I also already have a FFEF in place (6 months) and then some. I think my problem is that I never really did have credit card debt – […]

Since it is in your maiden name

it will take some time to research this but don’t give it up. If you want roll over information, check your bank or Edward Jones or another place that you can trust. You will have to have the paper work done before you can do much other thanresearch it.

ACK! I’m struggling here..

Here’s a quote from TMMO, “When calculating your 15%, don’t include company matches in your plan. Invest 15% of your gross income. If your company matches some or part of your contribution, you can consider it gravy. Remember, this is a rule of thumb, so if you cheat down to 12 percent or up to […]

Saw this article on the BBC News website

It talks about how a number of European countries are either passively or actively phasing out cash transactions for a variety of reasons. It mentions the United States in passing. I switched over to a cash-basis a number of years ago as part of the FPU classes I took; I would really rather not switch […]

Hi everyone

So in going through a bunch of cards and bills from my parents, found out they definitely have more than 2-3 credit cards. lol. But still, they are all paid off. They are definitely of a generation and mindset that was pro cc’s. But again, there’s not debt there. Or at least I haven’t seen […]