ACK! I’m struggling here..

Here’s a quote from TMMO, “When calculating your 15%, don’t include company matches in your plan. Invest 15% of your gross income. If your company matches some or part of your contribution, you can consider it gravy. Remember, this is a rule of thumb, so if you cheat down to 12 percent or up to 17 percent, that is not a huge problem, but understand the dangers of straying far from 15 percent.”

Based on that statement, what do you contribute to retirement?

As I mentioned earlier, I contribute 8% to a 401K (using Vanguard) via my company. My company contributes an additional 3%. Dave says not to count that 3% – BUT I WANT TO! WAHHHH!!!

I am considering opening a Roth IRA and contributing 4% of my income which would be a total of 15%, if you count my company match – 12% if you don’t – which Dave says is “not a huge problem”.

Should I feel ok about that? I need more info about bad credit installment loans direct lenders, pleas only DIRECT!! It does still add up to 15% – so why do I feel so guilty?

I just want to have enough wiggle room to do other things – like save $2K/year for my daughter’s future, work on saving for the patio/sunroom, have the flexibility to do the things we like to do. I keep working up a budget but struggle with so many different things….(sigh)

To give you some more background info, I’m 33 years old and have about $45K in my 401K currently.