It’s cool that you have an alternate plan,

but setting up a payroll loan is a pretty standard practice when a company screws around with paydates. Happened to me twice. One time everyone got the loan automatically, the other time we had to ask for it but it was routine. That was last year and they held back the first week in January which of course is when many people are feeling it.

That comtroller does sound off the rails, good luck with that!

Best believe….

I won’t be going through any hardships with my paycheck from my own company! And if I’m not going through any, I won’t be putting my employee’s through one either. The thought of changing paydates just scares me from an owner’s perspective. There are too many federal and state deductions I have to do and the risk of screwing those up doesn’t interest me in the least. I don’t want the IRS, KGB or any other three letter organization coming to look for me- the buck stops with me.

In the long run we should come out better

off because with me paying two weeks early on all the interest bearing accounts we should save a little on interest and maybe get a little ahead of the game on paying off the cc.
Once the flip flop of bills is done then we should be able to put the money back quickly—IF Murphy stays away and if he doesn’t all the more reason to not take out a loan from the employer.. I seriously do not want or need any more debt to worry about.
Dh understood them to say that they weren’t taking the ss pay hike out this pay period, but ds says she said it would come out, but not the other new taxes yet. I sure hope they don’t screw up our ss with all this moving around of funds.